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2005In 2005 the third generation members of the family, Tim Watson son-in-law to Hugh Segrest Jr. and his wife Nancianne Segrest Watson purchased the business. At that time Tim Watson was elected President of Segrest Feed & Seed and continues to serve in this position today.

1977Hugh B. Segrest Jr, was elected Segrest Feed & Seed President in 1977 and served in this role for 28 years until 2005.

1957In 1957 Hugh Segrest Sr. along with Hugh Segrest Jr. and Orma Sorrells incorporated the old Slocomb Farms Supply to Segrest Feed & Seed Co., Inc. Hugh Segrest Sr. was elected President of the company and held the title for 20 years until 1977.

1940In 1940, Hugh Segrest Sr. purchased Slocomb Farm Supply and ran the company as such until 1957.

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