Helosate Plus Glyphosate 41% w/surfactant 2 / 2.5 GL

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Weed Control
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Weed Control
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Fully loaded proprietary Surfactant & anti-foaming system for maximum performance & weed control. Helm’s Helosate Plus Advanced is fully loaded glyphosate with several years of field tested performance. Helosate Plus Advanced is approved for weed control pre-plant burndown and over-the-top in all Roundup Ready crops including corn, soybean, cotton, sugar-beets, and alfalfa. Helosate Plus Advanced has a proprietary surfactant system which makes it effective across a variety of weeds and environmental conditions. Always read and follow Label directions. BENEFITS: • Easy to use 4 lbs. liquid formulation • Fully loaded with proprietary surfactant system • No additional surfactant required • Economical for preplant burndown • Approved for over the top applications on all Roundup Ready crops • Easily tank mixed with other herbicides ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Glyphosate (n-(phosphonomethyl) glycine), in the form of its isopropylamine salt 41.0%