Crimson Dixie Clover

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50# bag
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Field Seed
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Crimson Dixie
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Dixie Crimson Clover is a good source of nutrition for livestock and wildlife. The flowers are darker and larger than Red Clover making Crimson a beautiful groundcover. Crimson clover is adapted to soils of low fertility and can tolerate pH ranging from 4.8-8.2 but does better at pH closer to 6.5. It grows on a wide range of soil types as long as drainage is good. Crimson clover is moderately shade-tolerant. Crimson clover grows best in cool, humid weather. It cannot endure much drought and does not do well on poorly drained soils. Moist soil is essential for germination and establishment. Plant: Broadcast in fall or early spring 20 lbs. per acre alone, or 12-15 lbs. per acre in a mixture. do not plant more than 1/4 in deep, planting too deep prevents germination, use low nitrogen fertilizer, clover produces nitrogen Palatability:High Height: 12-36 inches. pH: 4.8 – 8.2 Emergence Time approx. 7 days Optimum Germ. Temp. (F): 70